Dear Nano Servers  customers,


If you received this email and your server(s) IP address falls in the range of 204.45.x.x or 76.73.x.x, your service will be affected and require a migration to the Denver Enterprise facility.


The process of migrating a server that is *not* a Dual XEON 5520/5620 or E5 2603/2609/2620, involves us providing you a new server with a new IP address.  We will then allow you time to migrate your data from your current server to the new one.  The new IP will become your permanent address.  If your current server(s) is a Dual XEON 5520/5620 or E5 2603/2609/2620, we will simply assign you a new IP address for your server and move the server physically (with current HDDs installed) to the new location.  Either way, you will not be able to use your current IP address once migrated.


If you currently have colocation with us, there are a couple requirements that must be met if you would like us to move your equipment to the new facility.  Your server must have IPMI capabilities along with the ability to mount a "Virtual CD" so that troubleshooting and re-installs can be performed remotely.  If your current equipment is not capable of this, we can discuss options to allow you to upgrade to our equipment.


The new facility is located at

4643 S Ulster St, Denver, CO 80237


Thank you,

Nano Servers

Thursday, June 30, 2016

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